Join Zoom Meeting 17.02.2021

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Passcode: 448737

Dear friends and colleagues and listeners, and messengers, free-minded and so on,
We would like to invite you to our class presentation: HOUSE MUSIC on Zoom
Workshop with Lebanese Musician Jana Saleh and Cluster Works: Opening and Trying Out – Class Mounira Al Solh. Followed by a DJane session with Jana Saleh.
Why and why not House Music? During this performative zoom presentation, we will be sharing excerpts of sounds and music created in our houses and their surroundings during our workshop with Jana Saleh, based on our own field recordings and libraries of sounds, whilst striving to work not according to a theme, but rather, within the context of each one’s practice.
The presentation is intersected by cluster group works, whereby a starting point with a handful of artists was proposed, such as Yael Davids, Adrian Piper, Nasreen Mohammadi and Bruce Naumann,- among other, but in fact, was that more of an excuse to search for creating intimacy in thought between the participants? And a way to invite each group to collide, work together in private, as a collective, or anti-collective, hoping that the assigned researches might be soon questioned, and that each group finds out on their own what is most relevant for them to work on.

Homes as Des(s)ert– Gruppenausstellung während des Kunsthochschulrundgangs Kassel 2020